Blue Forest Farms

Scott Salisbury Selling CBD since Dec 20, 2013 

2019 Blue Forest Farms
 will be growing 1,000 acres of hemp 
We offer scheduled visits and activities that will give you the opportunity to interface directly

Biomass, 10-14%: asking price $3.50 per % per lb (October/ November 2018) Details 

Isolate - Contract Grow (99.6+ %): as low as $3,820/ kg (November/ December 2018) Details  

Isolate – Standard Futures (99.6+ %): as low as $4,400/ kg (November/ December 2018) Details  

Distillate: as low as $3,820/ kg (November/ December 2018) Details  

Crude/ Whole Plant Extract (Dark Honey): as low as $1,750/ kg (November/ December 2018) Details 

blue forest farms
blue forest farms
Blue Forest Farms

blue forest farms
blue forest farms
blue forest farms
blue forest farms
blue forest farms
blue forest farms


Blue Forest Farms is one of the largest organic hemp farms in Colorado.  We grow, extract, and distill full spectrum CBD products for private labels, bulk, and wholesale.  We grow, process, and sell everything from seed to isolate. 


2018 Futures Contract 

October/November 2018 

When is Investment Due? 

An initial 25% deposit is due at signing to secure the space, a 25% payment will be due before
planting (planting times may vary slightly) 25% will be due before the scheduled harvest, and the
final 25% will be due upon delivery of your yields.

Are my Yields Guaranteed?
Your yields are guaranteed. Your investment is protected by a large network of farms with a
proven track record of success. Yields are estimated conservatively and by all rights, we should
outperform them. If yields on your dedicated parcel space are less than projected you will
receive yields from our farms to make up for the difference.

What happens if yields are far greater than projected?
When we win, we win together! Yields in excess of 110% projected yield will be split 50/50
between blue forest farms and the contract holder. 110% is yours.

What kind of timeline can I expect for delivery?
We will provide you with a detailed timeline that shows the projected dates for planting,
harvesting, processing, and delivery.

Will I get pictures/ footage of the farm?
We will provide photographs of plants in your dedicated plot, drone footage taken from
overhead. If you have specific media requirement we can provide a custom package for you.

Will I have an opportunity to visit the farm?
We offer scheduled visits and activities that will give you the opportunity to interface directly
with other sponsors and the members of our team and see first-hand how the program is going.

Blue Hemp Farms grows organic High-CBD/ Low-THC industrial hemp.  Additionally, we are an extractor and processor.  As mentioned, we are rolling out a new contract grow program that gives our customers an opportunity to purchase high-quality isolate (99+ %)/ distillate as low as $3,818/ Kg and raw whole Plant Extract as low as $1,750/ Kg.  Please see attached ‘BFF Contract Grow’.  This is a good opportunity to partner with an organic farm like ours and show your customers that you have control over your supply chain.  This is especially important considering the market is being flooded with poor quality, counterfeit foreign CBD products.  With our farm, you can rest assured knowing your products are grown and processed by a single farm.  More importantly, you can have peace of mind knowing your products won’t harm your end consumer.   With our program you will have access to our facilities and may give tours to your clients.  Your yields are also guaranteed and your total out of pocket cost is as listed under “TOTAL COSTS”.  Please note, these yields are conservative.  You should end up with more yield than listed.