Credit Card Payment Systems

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    The CBD Store, online since Dec, 20th 2013 endorses Greenlink Merchants 

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GreenLink Merchants, Inc. offers card solutions to the Cannabis, Hemp, CBD and Smoke &
Vape Industries. We have legal, permanent processing solutions that your business needs.
We offer a full suite of solutions-Mobile, Counter and Internet available to either single store
entities or to chains for dispensary's and commerce Hemp. 

US State Chartered Bank offering CBD Hemp Credit Card processing. Fully transparent direct MID with your company name on it. Competitive rates with no overseas conversion rates like current systems.  ACH daily funding.  

Greenlink has a deep understanding of the industry and can insure an accurate merchant account configuration. No longer do merchants need to hide the type of business they are processing, or jury-rig
crazy processing methods like voucher systems. We offer traditional Merchant Payments
setup with banks that know and understand your business.