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Evergreen Herbs and Extracts uses  PayPal.Me a paypal service. For the first time, PayPal customers will be able to set up their own user profiles which are associated with a personalized URL (e.g., which can then be shared with others via text, over email, on instant messenger, via social media, or anywhere else, as a way to request money.

This is not PayPal’s only entry into the peer-to-peer payments space, of course. In addition to offering a “request money” feature on its website, the company also operates Venmo. That social app is especially popular with a younger, highly mobile demographic who uses it as a way to do things like pay back friends for money borrowed, or split a check at a restaurant, for example.

So it may seem odd that PayPal is launching what at first appears to be something of a competitive product to Venmo. But the company explains that, unlike with Venmo, which only works with U.S. banks, credit and debit cards, PayPal.Me is targeting the company’s much broader global user base.

The company today has 170 million active users worldwide, who already take advantage of PayPal to send and request money. With PayPal.Me, however, the idea was to create a mobile-first user experience that makes doing so simpler and faster than with the company’s traditional tools.

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PayPal.Me doesn’t eliminate the need for the ask, of course, but it offers an easier way for those who owe money to send a payment.

“As conversations became more digital, we needed to find a way to contextualize peer-to-peer payments, and make it easy and intuitive across any different channel, any different device, and any communication means, be it email, text message, instant messenger, etc.,” explains PayPal’s Senior Director of Global Consumer Products, Meron Colbeci, of why the company headed in this direction.

According to Colbeci, PayPal.Me will not replace the older experience offered via the web, but instead will just be another option for users.

Unlike the traditional online experience, using PayPal.Me is designed to take far fewer steps. In the past, users would have to login to the PayPal website, access the “request money” feature, then enter in another user’s email address to create the request. But PayPal.Me lets you simply share a link.