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Business Collaboration Forms 

Business Process. Yesterday I had a company owner reach out for the following, Business Needs...

"We need Hemp Extract 1500 mg or higher to fill 30 Ml bottle 0% THC Distillate 

We need 30 Ml Bottles Liquid filler, we need automatic label applicator, and advise."

My Answer...

My assumption is if you are this far down the road, you have lanes of commerce set up like a website, payment system for the said website? Also, do you need an in-house color label printer? Or/and do you have your labels in the ready to fit the 30ml bottle?

Do you have enough volume to warrant a label Applicator? Love to sell you an applicator, however, is it cart before the horse?

All the above of course Dave and I have traveled through and the above creates stop/start points where one would focus time and revenue. We can fill everything needed that was listed above, yet need to clarify where we are in the process.

Before we move a company to spend time on moving distillate into the conversation we need 1st to know where you are in the above-listed actions items. Yes, we can source, price and deliver Distillate, however, to do so involves some discovery into your timelines and completed business items listed above.

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